National Cookie Cutter Week

The first week of December is National Cookie Cutter Week. Which is obviously an exciting moment, as it means somewhere in the world, there are cookies being shaped and baked just for me. The end of the year holiday season tends to center more on food than any other time of year, so this celebratory week is absolute perfection in my opinion.
Having said that, I cannot help but see the parallel between this week and the struggles I see over and over in so many people’s lives. While we certainly do love a cookie cutter with regards to our desserts, when did it become the norm for our lives? At what point in time did we collectively vote to make one version of success, happiness, and life?
I hear you shouting “We didn’t”! I can picture the indignant look on your face at that statement. For we all know that there is not just one version of life. However, I see you in the malls, at the restaurants, and driving along the highway. I see the look of complacency everywhere I go. I see it, but I know better. I know that deep within each of us is core knowledge that we are our own person. We have within us special gifts, insights, abilities that the world needs. We have a form of greatness resting within our fleshy walls that has yet to be tapped in to.
It’s December 1st. We are nearing the end of another year. You will pop a label on the year for all of eternity. It will be regarded as a good year, a bad year, or just another year. For some of you, you have already labeled it and are looking towards January as a beacon of hope. You see the shiny new numbers as a promise of fortune and peace. Just as you did last year, and the year before. 
Every year millions of people resolve to do better, resolve to make great things happen, resolve to launch. The sad reality is that too many of us have accepted a cookie cutter version of life, and we don’t dare break the mold. We have created our own prison of mediocrity. We have made the determination that we don’t deserve what we dream of. We tell ourselves that we are satisfied. We convince ourselves that we don’t really need what’s out there. We sell the idea of safety to ourselves rather than open our eyes to see our own imprisonment.
We chain ourselves to a lifestyle that over works us, and under pays us; not because we lack ability or skill, but because we lack the courage to go and do something new. We saddle ourselves with debts for a life that we don’t even enjoy living. We allow our bodies to sit idle and become stagnant because the idea of moving and stretching frightens us. We are the evil warden of our own Shawshank.
Cookie cutters are fantastic for what they are designed for. They make incredibly beautiful cookies. Cookie cutter, however, were never meant to be applied to your life, or your dreams. My wish / desire / hope for each of you who takes the time to read this is simple: I want you to break the mold you have created. I want you to use this holiday to reach for something you fear – success. I want you to look yourself in the eye and speak to the dreams and hopes you have hidden in solitary confinement. 
🍪 You can accomplish so many great things. 
🍪 You are the answer to so many issues in the world. 

However, if you remain locked up in fear and complacency – you rob the world of experiencing your gifts. More importantly, you rob yourself form experiencing your life. 

So, today – grab a pen and some paper. Declare your intentions to yourself and the world. Really open your eyes. Move your body. Experience every moment of your day, and begin the transformation right now. Be bold and courageous. Be confident, even when you fail. Realize that every wrong turn you take, eliminates a direction that doesn’t bring you to your destination. You are no cookie cutter, my friend. You are a one of a kind, masterpiece handmade and designed by God for greatness. 

Break your mold, and never let the cookie cutter lifestyle attach itself to you again.


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