Push Button Phone Day

On this, my triumphant return to the land of blogging…because the internet and I had a fight.

I bring you: Push Button Phone Day

This holiday actually made me laugh aloud. I was born in the late 70s, so I grew up in 80s and 90s when technology took off. The fact that a celebratory day has been created around the push button phone is comical and endearing all at once. I hold the push button phone in high esteem, as it was the very vehicle that cemented one of my most amazing relationships. It was literally my most valued connection tool.

As a young girl, blessed with the gift of gab, I spent many hours connected to a telephone while growing up. My best friend was blessed with the gift of indulgent listening, which is why we are still friends. Without that telephone, my memories – and the way my youth was shaped – would have been dramatically altered. 
For one thing, that phone allowed me to connect to the one person in the world that I felt truly understood me. She listened, laughed, chastised, and encouraged me with our talks. We sat in silence as we watched the same T.V. shows together connected via telephone. We screeched with indignation when anyone attempted to use the phone while we were talking. The telephone was indeed, the connecting element of our friendship.

In life, I have had the pleasure of meeting and entertaining thousands of people. I have a wide net of friendships now that all mean something special to me. Some revealed themselves to be temporary. Some revealed themselves to be fake. Some have even revealed themselves to be life changing. However, the one I formed in the back bedroom of my home on A Street is the one that sets the bar. My best friend, as I call her, is as unique as the Aurora Borealis. Her personality and calm presence are a remarkable sight. The tragedy is that we do not get to see each other very often. Life has gotten in the way.

Let me be clear, that time and distance does not alter our friendship, for it was formed long ago and has deep roots. However, I would be dishonest if I did not admit that the disconnection is painful. There are times I long to go back in my old bedroom, plop on my pink canopy bed, and let hours of conversation take me away. Unfortunately, that is not a reality right now.

What is a reality, is appreciating her for all the years of friendship, and making sure she knows it. Silent appreciation is very hard to convey. Words, actions, and deeds will always let your appreciation message shine through. So often we are thankful for those in our lives, but we neglect to tell them. Many times we think of all the things we should have said when it is too late. Absence of appreciation or kind words can erode even the strongest relationships. A neglected relationship can sneak up on you too. One day you mind goes back, and you realize it has been days, weeks, and months since you last spoke. Awkwardness ensues, and you leave the sleeping elephant in the room. I say – wake the elephant up. 

Is it better to address the relationship’s need or live with an awkward pachyderm in your space? Call, tweet, email, blog, write, go…whatever fits best. Address the importance of your relationship. Celebrate the past, embark upon the future, and above all – make your feelings known. 

Otherwise we risk having important people become a memory, like the push button phone. We remember when it is too late to appreciate. We wait until the time has gone by. Let’s not do that this time. Let’s relive the push button phone and all of its grand memories with our loved ones. Let’s connect. 


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