Lazy Days Can Change Everything

It’s Lazy Day.  Ahhhh! 

Doesn’t that just make you want to climb into a hammock and nap?

What a fun day to celebrate.


Sometimes we can over celebrate this holiday. Oh I know what your thinking…Not Me! I’m too busy to be lazy.

Most people can explain how busy they are to anyone who is listening. I hear it all the time from people I am working with. They don’t have the time to do this or that. They haven’t had a vacation is x amount of years. They have kids, pets, etc. They are too busy.

The question isn’t : are you busy?

The question is : what are you busy doing?

Are you spending every waking hour working hard just to make money?

Are you spending all of your time on the chores of life? 

Are you missing out on your own dreams because you have filled your calendar with obligations that don’t match your goals?

 My guess would be- yes.

How do I know this? Because I see it everyday. I see people who fill their days with everything except what is important. 

I see people overly focused on making money. People chasing bonuses and promotions with all their time. And in the end, they have their money, but no life has been lived. 

I see people obsessed with material things.  Closets packed with clothes, shoes, purses, belts, and other trinkets that are stored but not used. Garages filled with boxes of odds and ends, forgotten and tucked away.  A house full of things, but a life empty of purpose.

I see people who spiral deeper and deeper into debt.  Using credit, borrowing from their future, spending checks that haven’t been sent; all in an effort to keep up with a lifestyle that perpetuates spending.  The end result: a bank account so strained that the unexpected expense will cripple them.  

So what does this have to do with Lazy Day?

Sometimes we fill our days with so much stuff that we cannot attend to what is important.  We cannot enjoy a true day of nothing, but instead call hiding from our obligations our escape. 

We overfill our calender in order to Avoid responsibility.  We make more work for ourselves than necessary;then berate ourselves for failure.  Then we continue the cycle.

But what if we decided to use Lazy Day as an inspiration.  We could declare that our lives from this point forward will be lived.  We will investigate ways to make our days productive, rather than redundant.  We’ll face our mounting debt and come up with a plan of escape.  

We’ll tackle the unused boxes clogging our garages, attics, and sheds.  Cathartically purging the excess.  

We will make our lives a product of our design rather than hold the scraps in our hands with no purpose.

Once we learn how to live a life that is full of purpose, and direction; we can learn the art of embracing the right kinds of Lazy Days.  We can practice relaxation and self care in its true form rather than settle for a day lounging in our PJs, avoiding our own life. That’s not being lazy; it’s being irresponsible.  

Let’s take responsibility for our lives, our dreams, and our goals.  Once we begin living our lives completely, we can enjoy a Lazy Day the way it is intended to be enjoyed…Fully. 


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