Control Your Story

Are you a reader? (Books not blogs)
Are you a book lover? (Bibliophile if you want the fancy name) 

I am. I love to read. My favorite type of book is a murder mystery. 

 I read-  I guess – I get it wrong –  I get it right – but I love every twist and turn. 

 I have been known to get so engrossed in a book, that I lose track of time. I’ve often stayed up later than I should have to finish a chapter. Books provide an easy escape from life and can transport us to any place and any time imaginable. Books are kind of perfect in my option. Yet, I have a wide circle of friends that hate to read. They find it dull, and time consuming. They prefer movies, television, or other forms of entertainment to reading books.  We all love a good story though.

As a book lover, I am fond of today’s holiday for many reasons. One of which is the ability to write about it in my own blog.  (My own story, if you will)

I think the lure of a book for many is the knowledge within. We all like to learn something, or experience something in our own way, and a book is the perfect vehicle for that. In fact, a book really mirrors a life when you break it down.

In both life and books, we have an introduction, a series of chapters that define the story, and an ending. In a book it is condensed to what fits on the page, and can be handled by millions of people. In our own life, it is condensed into the impact we make while we are alive, and the memories shared by others when we are gone.

So, how can we make sure our life is a story worth sharing? 

 I would say the first step is to become aware of the narrative. Are you filling your pages with a story of triumph and bliss, or are you sharing a horror story or tales of woe and worthlessness to be remembered for ages. Not to say that horrible events and times will not be a factor in our lives. Of course they are. 

 Dark moments, periods of grief and anguish; these are some of the thickest chapters in our lives. I know in my own life, there are tales of misery and depression. I have chapters of loss, and pain; chapters of heartache and heartbreak. But the narrative of my life is not found in those chapters or moments alone. The narrative, is the life I strive for. Though my life has periods of darkness and solitude, you will find a massive collection of tales of overcoming odds, forgiveness, and triumph. When others hear my story, they will hear the inspiration found in the darkest moments. They will hear the dreams and the pursuit of those dreams.  They will be able to understand me through how I share my struggles and hopes.

So what if you find the narrative you have been sharing isn’t lining up with the story you want remembered? Are you helpless?If you are still breathing – the answer is no. 

You control your story. What you chose to do, day in and day out, is your narrative.  

You decide each morning how the story is told.  

When bad news arrives, you control your reaction.

When good news comes, you control your reaction,  

Whether you choose to accept your own power in life or not is up to you. You must take that step. You must become aware of your thoughts, your actions, your reactions (your overreactions) and make the necessary adjustments. You are solely responsible for your story’s narrative. The events and how they come to you are out of your control, but your reactions are all yours. Choose them wisely.

So, my challenge to each of you is this:

Train yourself to be aware of the words, and stories you use. You may find that you are acting as critic instead of author. Look at your life and your stories with objectivity. As you would when reading someone’s book. If your narrative is off course, take the steps necessary to recalculate the route.  Be clear.

Remember, your story is still being written; make sure you tell the world how amazing you are.



  1. Chris · August 9, 2016

    Thank you Christina, I feel the same way you do. You did a great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christina Lynn-Parent · August 26

    Thanks for the kind words Chris! It nice to know my post struck a chord with you.


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