The Nasty “P” Word.

Be Positive.

Not only is that an awesome blood type, it’s an even better mantra for life. We all love the positive side of things.

Even Eeyore.

I have yet to meet someone who genuinely enjoys negativity. Note I stated genuinely. I have met plenty of people who seem to live and even thrive in the midst of it, but give that same person a bowl of ice cream…for free?!?!So, let’s agree that society as a whole enjoys a good day.

Now that we all agree, let’s ask the big question.

Why do so many negative people exist?

I mean, if I like wearing flip flops, wouldn’t it make sense that those shoes were on my feet all the time? Instead, when you see my feet, you notice I am stuffing these size 8s into size 7 stilettos.

Obviously, a shoe parallel isn’t exact, but you get the point. If I like flip flops, I should be in them. End of story.

But alas, there are circumstances that arise, and temperatures that drop that will prohibit me from wearing those comfy shoes.

So is that the end of the story?

Am I subject to be a slave from my environmental factors?

Would I be posting this if I believed that was the case? No.

Here’s the deal. Your environment is constantly changing. Little shifts here, bigger ones there. You have absolutely no control over the change factor. You have control, however, over your own thoughts regarding those changes.

Flip Flop continued…

Let’s say, I jump out of bed, and notice the weather is freezing! Snow, hail, the works. I have no control over that. I do have control over my foot wear however.

I long to put those flip flops on. I can just see my adorable toes peeking out and bringing a smile to all I meet. However, since I am not a fan of frostbite, I know I cannot wear the shoes I feel most comfortable in. I have to make an adjustment. I have to find another way to get that flip flop feeling. I factor in the heinous weather and begin my hunt. Now, I could absolutely pick out those size 7 stilettos and ensure the remainder of my day is one filled with annoyance, blisters, and future podiatry visits. But I am writing a blog post titled “Positivity isn’t impossible” so we know I will be bringing in my point right about here:

imageBoots. Nice, sturdy boots. The kind of boots that slide on like a well worn glove. The kind of boots that wrap like velvet around those perfectly polished toes. The kind of boots that make women stop me in the street so they can throw me a compliment. That’s what I will choose. That is my reaction to the environmental change.

“Ok Christina…break it down for me – I’m not a shoe person” (I’m praying for you if that’s you, by the way )

Here’s the breakdown:

Every day you will be given a fresh mission from life. Your mission, whether you choose to accept it or not, will be completed in either a positive or negative manner, completely dependent on you.

That is great news!

You have complete control over this. You have the ability to write your own script. You get to do your own stunts, win the award, throw the wrap party. It’s all yours.

The key to ensuring that you end up on the set of a good movie, versus a straight to DVD horror flick is this: Planning.

I can hear the groans now. Throwing Holy water at your screen will not help either.


You do not have to be a slave to planning. You don’t have to fear it. And you absolutely shouldn’t run from it.

Planning is a simple step that leads to a much more enjoyable experience.

Here are 5 things I had to employ my planning for recently:

1. Public Speaking

2. Wardrobe Malfunctions

3. Lost Credit / Debit Card

4. Forgetting a Name

5. Car Trouble

Obviously, none of these are huge, life changing events. However, each one of those events can throw your day into a tailspin. So what did I do?

1. Asked to give a speech= Nailed it by previously memorizing a generic all purpose format for short speeches.

2. Pants gave way at work = 🎶Watch me stitch, watch me fix it🎶

3. Lost Wallet = used the numbers I was keeping in a safe place and handled it

4. Forgot her name = Got her to tell it to me again without looking like a fool using Jedi mind trickery I learned

5. Car Trouble = Used AAA and didn’t even break a sweat

So, here is your challenge:

Think of 5 things that have happened to you in the past, that really threw a kink in your day. Nothing too hard, we’re just warming up. Pick 5 events that were annoying, poorly executed, or just messed up your day.  Reflect on what happened and how you handled them. Watch your own re-run.


Now write it out as it should have been, from the Director’s Point of View. How would you want the actor playing you to handle that same situation? Tap into your inner Scorsese, and really plan out what you would like to see. Only, unlike a Hollywood drama, you are planning a positive outcome.  No bloody corpses, or gangsters allowed.

Planning gives you a piece of mind when the situations arise. It’s like having a script for your life available.  Obviously life is all about the unscripted moments, but we are conducting an experiment with regards to planning. Oh and one more thing…

Beware of Planning for Perfection!


That’s a trap, and it will only leave you spinning your wheels.  Perfection is a myth, and a completely subjective point of view.  What you are planning for is life, plain and simple.  After all, you’ve had actual experience in life. We all know we cannot live life according to our planning.  However, we can always make plans.  Planning is a way to organize your dreams, goals, even your time.  Planning gives you security when the unexpected shows up. Planning is a great first step to living a much more charmed life.

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter (@CLynnParent) what your planning for, and how you are making Positivity a natural choice.

And as always, thank you for lending me you valuable time.

 We are only moments away from greatness. Let’s go do something amazing – Christina Lynn-Parent