Who’s That Girl?

CLP picQuestion 1) Did you sing that title?

Question 2) Was it the TV theme song or Madonna?

Hello and thank you for reading the about section of my site! I’m a sucker for this area myself.

So, About Me:

I’m Christina, and we are about to become great friends! I know this, because I am always attracted to a fellow Life Charmer. Life Charmer is the title I gave myself (yes I have that much authority) and it’s one I strive to apply to any and all willing vessels.
Who am I? I’m a sucker for a funny movie, I’m the girl who loves to talk, and laugh, and make new friends. Above all, I’m the girl who wants to help transform society one person at a time into the amazing creation we were meant to be. I fight negativity and fear with my whole being. I help you plan an escape from feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy. I feel it is every humans job to enrich the lives of those around them, and be of value to all they meet. I firmly believe that positive communication and amazing service are the tools that everyone should have in their arsenal.

For the past 13 years I have worked as a Corporate Training Specialist. In that time I have designed and facilitated training, specializing in Customer Service, Communication, and Professionalism. With an emphasis on common human behaviors, and actionable steps, my training has helped hundreds of employees advance their position and has increased customer satisfaction and retention.  My specialty is teaching people how to translate their personality to others upon initial introduction.  Meaning, I teach you how to get people to like you right away, rather than after they get to know you.


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